Resenha – The Cursed Series (Part 1 & 2)

“Trust no one. Everyone lies. You can only save yourself.”

It was supposed to be a Friday night like any other for Lana and her best friends. Three girls out to cause a little trouble. Break a few hearts. And try not to get caught. Except on this night, Lana Peri is the sole witness to a horrific crime, and she can’t say a word. Not if she wants to protect her friends. No one will believe her word over his, so he gets away with it. And she’s forced to pay for her silence.

Instead of serving time in juvie, Lana is sentenced to a boarding school for privileged teens. Removed from everyone she knows and cares about, she’s abandoned at Blackwood School in Vermont, where everything is an illusion, including the lives of those who attend the elite institution. Lana isn’t wealthy or privileged. The only thing she has in common with the sons and daughters of celebrities and politicians is that she’s a delinquent, just like them. And they’ve all been forced to grow up much too fast.

Just when Lana begins to feel accepted, mysterious notes start showing up in her belongings and ominous threats are painted on her wall.  Only someone she knows could have done it. Someone she thought was a friend. As the pieces fall into place, secrets begin to emerge, leaving Lana with too many questions and not enough people to trust.

The Cursed Series is a thrilling and tangled mystery that explores the sacrifice of love and the secrets kept to protect friends. How do you know who to trust when no one is telling the truth?

Antes de mais nada, eu não sei o que dizer nessa resenha além de: vá ler esse livro! Mas eu vou tentar! Intrigante, com um excelente ritmo, personagens muito bem escritos, e a escrita em geral é maravilhosa. E isso é somente o começo. Eu realmente acredito que esse é o tipo de livro que deve ser lido às cegas. Não leia spoilers, não leia a última página primeiro, aproveite a viagem. E esse livro é uma viagem! Desde o início você não sabe no que acreditar, quer desvendar a teia de acontecimentos, como tudo se interliga, quem é amigo, quem é inimigo… E quando você acha que tem uma pista, tudo muda novamente. Lana é uma protagonista de primeira e mal posso esperar para saber mais de sua história. First of all, I don’t know how to review this book without only saying: go read it!! But I’ll try! Intriguing, fast paced, great characters, wonderful writing. It’s only the beginning. I really believe this is the kind of book you should go blind. Don’t try to read spoilers, don’t read the last page first, just enjoy the ride. From the first page you don’t know who to believe, how everything connects, where the story is going. I spent the whole book trying to decipher all that is happening behind the curtains and when I think I have some clue, everything shifts. Lana is a wonderful character and I can’t wait the next book to see more of her and her new challenges!

“This is Screaming Point.”

“That’s what it’s called?”

“It is now. As of today. Because it’s what we need it to be.” She takes my hand. “Ready?”

I look out at the dwindling light dancing on the dark surface like the lake is capturing every last bit of the sun before it disappears. I close my eyes and find that place inside that is always angry. That hates my curse. That needs Allie to live. And Vic to burn. That wants to hurt every man who has ever broken my mother’s heart. Or touched what wasn’t theirs. And every person who has ever lied when they claimed to love. I don’t have to search for long, because it’s always there, waiting to explode.

I open my eyes to look into Ashton’s sapphire blue ones, and nod.

We face the water and inhale deeply, giving our anger, frustration and sadness a breath of life before we unleash it onto the world in the most powerful scream that’s ever been launched from this cliff. And it’s freeing. More than I ever thought possible. I allow my heartache to take flight, releasing it into the setting sun to be dragged down beneath the horizon.

And what’s left when there aren’t any more screams to give is a radiant smile. Ashton and I face each other, our hands still clasped, and we start laughing. It’s a true, bonding laughter because we just shared something sacred. If anyone were to witness it, they would think we’re insane. And maybe it’s that crazy within each of us that makes the laughter louder and deeper until I have to wipe away the tears creeping out the corners of my eyes.

“Thank you, Ashton,” I tell her as we start back across the field. “My soul needed that.”

Rebecca Donovan, the USA Today and Wall Street Journalbestselling YA author of The Breathing Seriesand What If, lives in a small town in Massachusetts with her son. Influenced and obsessed with music, Rebecca can often be found jumping around at concerts, or on a plane to go see one. She’s determined to experience(not just live) life. And then write about it.



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