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A resenha de hoje é de Tattered, da autora Melody Anne! Boa Leitura! Today’s review is about Tattered, by Melody Anne. Good Reading!



Eu não sou um homem perfeito. Quem de nós pode reivindicar isso? Mas para aqueles que podem pensar que eu sou um traidor, um mentiroso, um abusador, você não sabe o que está falando. Minha história é maior do que você pensa. Você escutou a história da Miranda. Agora é a hora de escutar a minha.
-MasonPor causa das decisões que eu tomei, vidas mudaram para sempre. Eu não tomei essas decisões levemente. Mas eu me sinto livre agora. Eu não sei o que irá acontecer na próxima fase da minha jornada, mas eu sei que eu renasci das cinzas e estou pronta para enfrentar o mundo. Eu espero que você irá dividir essa jornada comigo. Que você entenderá…
– Miranda

Eu posso parecer frio e insensível, mas você não tem ideia da minha história. Talvez seja a hora de você descobrir…
– Kaden

I’m not a perfect man. Who of us can claim that? But for those of you who might think I’m a cheater, a liar, an abuser, you don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s more to my story than you realize. You’ve heard Miranda’s story. Now it’s time you heard mine.
Because of the decisions I’ve made, lives have been forever changed. I didn’t step into those choices lightly. But I feel free now. I don’t know what’s going to happen on the next step of my journey, but I know I’ve risen out of the ashes and I’m ready to face the world. I hope you’ll share the journey with me. I hope you’ll understand . . .

I might seem cold and unfeeling, but you have no idea what my story is. Maybe it’s time you find out. . .
— Kaden 



Melody Anne fez o impossível: me fez amar um livro ao mesmo tempo em que eu detestei seus personagens. Se você não leu o livro 1, pare por aqui, senão para você eu vou somente parecer como uma maluca falando mil coisas ao mesmo tempo!
Como pode Mason ser tão cínico, tão idiota, e tudo isso ao mesmo tempo? Gente, eu pensava que nesse livro eu ia entender seu ponto de vista, mas eu só fiquei foi com raiva dele e com mais perguntas! E nem me fale sobre a Bella!
Essa foi uma história curtinha, que eu acredito que esteja nos preparando para o próximo livro da série, e é ele que eu realmente quero, para saber mais da Miranda e como está a vida dela!
How can you hate the characters of a book so much, but at the same time love the story? It’s the gift of a good writer. I have to say Mason already wasn’t my favorite character from book 1, but being inside his head? I can say that I hate him with a passion! How can someone be so self absorbed? How he can thing everything he ever did to Miranda is right? I know I’m ranting here, but I have so many question… And don’t let me get started with Bella. Ok, I really hope that you’ve read book 1 first, if not, You’re thinking I’m a crazy person!
This book was more like a novella where we saw Mason side. I hoped that We’d have more about Miranda, but it really was Mason side from the past. I think it is important for the conclusion of the story and after a little bomb we receive in the end, I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.
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Author Bio
Melody Anne is a NYT best selling author of the popular
series: Billionaire Bachelors, Surrender, Baby for the Billionaire, Unexpected
Hero’s, Billionaire Aviators, Becoming Elena and some solo titles. She also has
a Young Adult Series and is currently working on her first Thriller title to be
released in 2017.
As an aspiring author, she wrote for years, then officially published in 2011,
finding her true calling, and a love of writing. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in
business, she loves to write about strong, powerful, businessmen and the
corporate world.When not writing, she spends time with family, friends, and her many pets. A
country girl at heart, she loves the small town and strong community she lives
in and is involved in many community projects.To date, she has over 7 million book sales and has earned multiple placement on
varying best seller lists, including NYT’s, USA Today, and WSJ, being an amazon
top 100 bestselling author for 3 years in a row, as well as a Kobo and iBooks
best-seller. But beyond that, she just loves getting to do what makes her happy
– living in a fantasy world 95% of the time.

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